Mobile Shoppable Video

For this project I was designing a version of our shoppable video interface condensed for mobile viewing. Our desktop interface has … More

NonAd Block

A Chrome extension that shows you the Internet the way content creators want you to see it: by blocking any … More

Dim Sum Fortune

Pollution is a serious problem in China. Most of the energy comes from coal fueled plants. Automobiles are everywhere in … More

Molecular Gastronomy Spherification

Molecular gastronomy is a cooking style that uses unconventional techniques to create a dish. Often, you’ll craft something that will … More

Calendar Reminder Prototype

I worked on this project with Caroline (she calls it Nudge, see more on her site). Essentially, it fetches Google … More


Concept video for my group’s final project in Spatial Media My role: concept creation, 3D modeling, physical prototype building, hardware … More

Interactive Fundraiser Installation

This was a class project for Spatial Media at NYU ITP. The assignment as to make an interactive installation for … More

Wear’s That – Location Based Fashion Shopping App

Wear’s That is an app developed by Caroline and I as part of the Decoded Fashion hackathon. Also see Caroline’s documentation. My role: … More

Santa: Naughty or Nice?

My role: sole contributor

Wag Sensor

My role: sole contributor

Mood Tracking

This speculative design project was about the idea the we have many digital indicators that reflect our emotional state. Depressed … More

Body Shape Tracking

My role: sole contributor

Family Cookbook

I just published my first book! Well, it’s a family cookbook, but that still counts. The theme is “surfaces.” As … More

Line Following Robot

This is a line following Arduino robot I built at Metrix, my local makerspace. It uses an LED to illuminate … More

Website for TV Show

I designed this site for a client several years ago. At that time, I was somewhat new to PHP and … More

Robotic Biomimetic Fish

For my senior design project in undergrad, I worked with a team on designing and building a robotic fish. This … More

Part Design

For an undergrad class, I designed and had 3D printed a part for a lightsaber. Samples are below. My role: … More

Still Life Drawing

My role: sole contributor